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All are Welcome to the Lord's Table for Holy Communion
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Dear Friends in Christ:

Summer, of course, is a time for rest and relaxation after a busy school year and as the change of seasons sends us to places where we can cool off from the summer heat. I hope and pray that everyone finds the time to visit creation or wander away to visit family and friends during this break in the year.

Things get a little slower around the church as well as we transition into summer. Our church choir, the women’s study group (GALS) and the Children’s worship time will take a summer hiatus until things fire back up again in August. I can’t say enough about our church choir under the leadership of Jane Ford. We have been truly blessed as a congregation to have so many wonderful souls dedicate their time and musical talents to brighten up our Sunday mornings in giving praise to our Lord. I am really looking forward to the time when they will fill the sanctuary with their heavenly voices.

Luanne and I will be coming and going for most of the summer. I’m sure you have already heard about our upcoming “baby holding” tour on the East Coast. With both nieces having new life come into their families, we’re looking forward to sharing our arms and hugs with family we haven’t seen in awhile. One niece lives in Virginia while the other lives in New Jersey. In between both of these nieces, we will also be spending some time with Luanne’s sister. The trip back will take us through Chicago, Nebraska and down into Denver to spend some time with our daughter Andrea.

I want to share a word of “thanks” with those people who have stepped up to help lead worship while I’m away. First, we are grateful to have Debbi Gregory lead the services on Sunday, June 16th followed by Rev. Art Meyer leading the services on Sunday, June 23rd.

Throughout the month of June, we will also have various people playing the piano/organ for our worship services. Thank you to Debbi Gregory, Jane Ford, Todd Doyle and Chris Dunlap for stepping in while Luwil and I are away during this month. I have been truly amazed at how many in our congregation possess various musical talents and their willingness to use them. Rarely does a congregation of our size have people like this available to serve.

I am also very excited about doing something I haven’t done in over twenty years—I GET TO GO TO CAMP!!!! We will be taking three of our youth—Amya Anderson, James Cole and Brayden Davis to confirmation camp from Sunday, July 14th through Saturday, July 20th. We will be attending the Rainbow Trails Lutheran Camp located just above Colorado Springs.

In all, there will be about 120 youth from various churches throughout the Rocky Mountain Synod in attendance at the same time we are there. If you were able to come by last year to see four of these very energetic camp counselors help lead our Day camp, then you’ll know what these three youth will be experiencing in camp. I’m sure we’re all going to be worn down by the end of week from inspiring moments of worship and fun.

Speaking of Camp, we will again be holding our Day Camp from Monday, July 29th through Friday, August 2nd here at Trinity. Both Tanda and I are very excited about working with people from the First Presbyterian Church who graciously accepted our invitation to join us for Day Camp. We are hoping to have at least 40 kids sign-up this year.

Like last year, we will also be hosting four camp counselors from Rainbow Trails to help lead our youth in song, bible studies and play time throughout that week. If you have not seen the bulletin board with all the sign-up sheets to host these four young people into our homes and hearts, please go by and see how you can help. If you have a child, grandchild, next door neighbor or any other youth who would benefit from this week in camp, contact Tanda McCombe at your earliest convenience and she will be more than glad to sign them up.

With summer being a time of transition, I wanted to take this opportunity to say “Good-bye” and “God’s Blessings” to the Baker family. Tami, Richard and Brandon will be leaving our community at the end of June. Tami has taken a district manager job with Giant and will be relocating to Taos for job purposes. She is already in transition but Richard and Brandon will not be joining her until the end of June. I can’t say enough about how much Tami, Richard and Brandon have meant to me and to this family here at Trinity. Be sure to go by and share your well-wishes and prayers with them before the end of the month. May God go with them on their new journey!

Wherever you go during the summer months, know that I will be praying for you while you’re on the road, at the beach, camping or just staying around the homestead. Be safe and go with God!

Pastor Larry Davis
Trinity Lutheran Church
Farmington, New Mexico
June / July 2019
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